Programs For Every Age & Every Stage

A Comprehensive Approach To Child Care In Tulsa

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1. INFANT PROGRAM (6 Weeks – 1 Year)

Infants feel happy, safe and secure in our infant classroom. Infants receive personal, individualized attention and care from our nurturing teachers in our infant program. This is a critical stage for babies as they begin to develop cognitive skills, language development, social-emotional development, and physical development. Our Infant classroom is designed to allow infants to develop in each of these areas. Our classroom activities include the following:

  • Reading To Infants, Storytelling & Conversation
  • Exploration Areas- Interacting With Learning Toys
  • Exploring Balance, Coordination & Gross Motor Skills

2. TODDLER PROGRAM (1-2 Years)

As toddlers begin to grow, they get filled with energy and a natural curiosity about everything around them. We provide an engaging and active classroom environment for toddlers that encourages curiosity, mobility, and exploration. Intentional planning and regular assessments enable teachers to create experiences based on what children are ready to learn. Our toddler classroom & program features the following centers:

  • Art & Music Centers
  • Math & Science Centers
  • Block Building Center
  • Language Center
  • Movement & Exploration Center
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3. PRE-K PROGRAM (3- 4 Years)

Our Pre-K program introduces higher level academic curriculum, helping children develop their reading and writing skills and preparing them for success in school. Our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) based classroom provides children with the experiences & materials they need to continue in their development and skills. Our Pre-K classroom features 8 unique learning centers for your child to grow:

  • Reading & Writing Center
  • Math & Science Center
  • Art & Dramatic Play Center
  • Block Building & Music Center

4. KINDER PROGRAM (4-5 Years)

Kid’s in our Kinder Program start begin to experience higher level reading, writing & math. Children become familiar with the format and structure of a kindergarten school day, while developing critical skills to succeed in elementary school. Our Kinder Program also focuses on developing the attention-span, self help & social skills of kids. Also we begin to introduce kids to higher level curriculum and skill building, we don’t expect mastery and allow space for children to develop at their own pace. Our Kinder Program features the following:

  • 6 Unique STEAM Based Learning Centers
  • Following Multi-Step Instructions
  • Controlling Impulses & Improving Attention
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5. BEFORE & AFTER SCHOOL (6-12 Years)

Fun, exciting, educational mornings and afternoons await your child with our before & after school programs! We provide a variety of activities to help keep students focused and productive. A few of our clubs include Lego club, robotics club, culinary arts, and drama club to name a few! We also make sure to strike a good balance between recreation time and educational time for school agers. Our Before & After School Program features the following:

  • Goal Setting, Homework Support & Recreation
  • Focus On Developing Personal Responsibility & Integrity
  • Community Partnership
  • Developing Critical Thinking & Problem Solving


We have lots of exciting and fun programs for school age kids during the summertime. Teachers will provide learning experiences in math science and reading to keep your kids mind sharp during summer. Kids will experience a wide variety of fun games, exercises and opportunity to play. Come visit our center to find out more about our summer program.

  • Educational Learning Experiences
  • Fun Activities & Games
  • Visit Our Center To Get An Updated List Of Summer Programs
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